Urea-formaldehyde. Resin / Glue Grade E1 & E2

Description Property
White powder Appearance
0/5 ± 0/05 gr / cm 3 Density
2 wt% Humidity percentage, maximum
50% solution (one to one ratio)
200 – 400 mPa.s 25 ° C viscosity in
0/3 – 0/5 wt% Free formaldehyde
9 – 10/5 25 ° C at pH
1/2 – 1/3 20 ° C specific gravity on
60-90 seconds With a hardener at  100 ° C, the gel time in
Day 4 Stability at 25 ° C

Urea melamine formaldehyde adhesive has the combined properties of urea formaldehyde and melamine formaldehyde resins with optimal performance. The high resistance of this product to moisture significantly reduces the amount of water absorption in compacted boards. In addition, the low free formaldehyde content of this adhesive places it in the standard category of E 1 adhesive in the European Union. In places where the production process is intermittent and requires the accumulation of glue for a long time, urea melamine formaldehyde powder powder is used instead of liquid glue.


  • Used in the production of chipboard, plywood, furniture and other moisture-resistant wood products.
  • It is used for making and bonding low pressure and high pressure 



25 ° C moon in temperature 




25 kg polypropylene bag