Melamine Urea formaldehyde. Resin / Glue

Clear pale yellow liquidAppearance
300 – 500 mPa.s23 ° C viscosity in
9 – 10/525 ° C at pH
1/2 – 1/320 ° C specific gravity on
70 – 75 wt%Percentage of solids
0/6 – 1/2 wt%Free formaldehyde


Concentrated melamine formaldehyde resin is a clear liquid with medium viscosity. The use of this resin increases the mechanical properties of the paper such as tear resistance, abrasion resistance and alkali resistance. It also improves the shrinkage and printability of banknotes and securities. Concentrated melamine-formaldehyde resin does not yellow paper and cardboard and also prevents them from discolouring..


  • Used in the production of banknotes and securities.


25 ° C Moon in temperature



20 liter HDPE gallon, 22-20 ton stainless steel tank and isotank